Hairy Yoga

Leigh is so strong and flexible! This beautiful girl gets herself into all kinds of positions that really show of her beautiful bush and pussy! Then she masturbates with a big dildo.

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  1. Noob Saibot says:

    I could give this girl a nice hug, definitely girlfriend material. I hope you consider putting her in a girl/girl scene, its a waste of a legit hot girl if you don’t.

    • Nikki Silver says:

      I am hoping to! Who would you like to see her with? Please give me many options!

      • Noob Saibot says:

        Carver, Kisa Fae, Bella Mae, Ana Molly, out of those I would like to see Carver personally. Leigh as not got a very hairy pussy compared to other models on here; thats ok though, putting her with a very hairy pussy model like Carver will balance that out.

  2. Hi Nikki,

    I have it already wrote in a earlier comment. She is a present from heaven. The greatest pleasure for us are a girl/girl video with Leigh and you Nikki.


  3. Noob Saibot says:

    I have an idea for girl/girl scenes every month; how about every other month you do a quality girl/girl scene like you have been doing, the month in between them though could by a model and Nikki. I think you are shooting these solo scenes anyway, whats the difference? It can one those simple POV casting shows where they lick nikkis pussy why she is holding the camera, I would love to hear Nikkis opinion on this. Is this possible or not? I think its a good idea, not too much work.

    • Nikki Silver says:

      hey there,

      I think it’s a good idea too! I’ve had to pay the model a bit more for the extra video (like I shoot 4 solo videos in a shoot so 1 could be this casting couch POV type scene) – but it wouldn’t be as much more as a full girl/girl scene. Let me look at numbers and talk to some models and see what I can do, thank you!

      Can you give me more input on what you imagine this type of video being like? I’m imagining, like maybe a 20-25 minute video, of basically me getting the model naked and exploring her body hair and body with the camera, then licking her pussy and then like hiking up my skirt and having her lick mine POV? How does that sound, what’s the more appealing thing if I have to pick one? watching POV as a model licks my pussy (the look down shot) or me exploring a new models body and doing my best to hold the camera or letting the model hold the camera?

      Everyone please input! I like this idea!

      • Noob Saibot says:

        I imagine the video being a POV show video (with the look down shot) where they lick your pussy while you are holding, make sure that us veiwers see the POV shots (watching model POV lick your pussy) though. To make it easier for tracking models down, do it with one the active models that month. If you start this month for example, you have Bella Mae, Ana Molly, Leigh Calico, Carver ect to choose from.

        • Noob Saibot says:

          edit… holding a camera πŸ™‚

          • Noob Saibot says:

            I have better idea… Explore the models body with the camera pov like you are already saying, then have the model lick your pussy POV while you are holding the camera and while you are off screen (show the pov shots to us veiwers too please). Note: I don’t mean to spam comments, just trying to help you out here. I hope you are able to release these POV casting like shows, when will you record the first one? Next week, hopefully!?

  4. Noob Saibot says:

    I am imagine the video being a POV video show ( with the look down shot) where they lick your pussy while you are holding a camera, make sure that us viewers see the POV shots though. Do it with one of the active models that month, if you did a show this month for example… You have Bella Mae, Ana Molly, Leigh Calico, & Carver etc to choose from…

    • Nikki Silver says:

      Hi there,

      It’s ok, I asked for input! I may just email you directly though. So just FYI I shoot content ahead of time because it takes a lot of time to edit etc. All those models you mentioned don’t live where I live, so I can’t just call them up. There’s only a handful of models who actually live here and even they are very busy so I usually have to book them a few months out.

      I am shooting a new model in a few weeks and we are going to do your idea! It’s great, so I’ll email you soon to talk more details. It can be hard to describe camera angles etc through words so I want to make sure I get what you are trying to describe.

      • Noob Saibot says:

        Thanks for doing my idea, here are camera angels I am trying to describe. What ever you are seeing through the camera from your Point Of View is what we see, you can zoom in a little bit too.

  5. railbat says:

    amazing pretty & athletic girl ! I love her strong body and very fine face with long hair ! Just a pure beauty !! She is so exciting in the “artistic” yoga sequence ! nice work that the fix first sequence of the differents poses of her yoga work, and the mobile sequence on her stretched body, in 2 opposite sides ! very good ! πŸ™‚
    Did you have done a photo set of the yoga sequence ? have nice day ! bat-france

    • Nikki Silver says:

      hi there,
      thanks for the attention to detail and appreciation! unfortunantly there is not a photoset to go along with the yoga sequence. I do have an exciting river photoset of her coming up but am also hoping to shoot more of her this fall!

  6. Bobbyf22 says:


    When you get on you head with your feet pointing downward I want
    to put whip cream on you and eat you like an ice cream sunday. You are
    so sexy!!!!


  7. I’m loving the part where her head hair is on her leg hair. I’ll just stay there for a while and think about it.
    Love the way she moves, like a swan, a sexy, hairy swan.
    In all seriousness, she’s a very special girl. She’s got the x factor, so authentic. The camera just loves her for whatever reason.
    Thanks again for sharing and please ask her to do some more solo. Maybe walking around a tree or in your garden, looking up at the sky or slowly eating a cucumber. Mine are in season which probably means in your part of the world they aren’t, or eating some other thing, slowly.
    Take care

  8. The ending of that was stunning, more heavy breathing, passion, love it. And Lotus position to finish.
    Love you work girl πŸ˜‰

  9. I better get some work done. You got me all riled up, again, thanks Nikki πŸ˜‰

  10. jasonbailey says:

    Wow you guys! There are so many fantastic videos on the site. This one truly stands out though. I know we’re heading into the indoor season but hopefully you can make more like this next year πŸ™‚

    Nicely done!

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