Wet Bush

Harley takes a nice, warm bath, soaking their all natural body in the water, playing with their huge, thick, dark bush, soaping up legs, pits and so much more, yummy!

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  1. I miss Harley’s long gorgeous hair, but God almighty, I do love her gorgeous, gorgeous arm pit hair! I would love to smell & smell me some of her arm pits, they are simply gorgeous, my penis is so happy! I love that long, beautiful arm pit hairy, I bet they smell like heaven! Harley has a perfect figure with perfect dream hips! I love her thick hair sneaking out of her bikini & her teeny g string! I love a woman standing & showing her bush, it makes me stare at her hairy pussy & makes me ache to get to the center of the hair & taste! If she was my girl friend I would ask if I could please smell & lick her gorgeous hairy pussy before she got in the tub! The hair trail from her belly button is heaven! I love Harley’s thick, long, gorgeous pussy hair, she also has the most gorgeous, hairiest, most perfect hairy asshole of any woman on earth that I have seen, it always makes me lose my mind! I wish we could have seen her gorgeous, gorgeous, delicious hairy asshole a lot!

  2. nikkiadmirer says:

    They are so sexy <3 love it

  3. shackwise12 says:

    super stuff!!

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