Hairy Kitchen Queen

Harley shows off her amazing hirsute body in the kitchen and masturbates.

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  1. shackwise12 says

    Harley in the kitchen, after a big sigh at the kitchen sink, Harley moves over to the doorway and gives us a wonderful view of her ample hairy armpits! Gradually Harley lifts her dress, finally pulling it over her head to reveal bra and panties! With some body caressing she poses in different positions, before removing her bra to display gorgeous breasts! The panties follow shortly after and we have a totally naked, gloriously hairy Harley to behold!! Sitting on a chair Harley runs a spatula over her legs and armpits, amid some sensual erotic moaning! Pulling her pussy open Harley sighs contentedly, as the vid fades out! Always a pleasure to see Harley, and this is no exception! Lovely camera work, as ever, Nikki, 10/10!!

  2. Soulbear42 says

    Harley Hex is so intensely desirable in any scene she’s done! There’s so much to see! Prefect doesn’t feel like a strong enough description!

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