Harley n Nikki Live Show Recording!

The long awaited recording of Harley and I's show. Don't worry, I recorded this one on my HD Video Camera, so you won't get the close ups but it is higher resolution. No download on this one, sorry! Enjoy!

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  1. whew

  2. Not only should these moments be available as downloads, they should be released as BluRay deluxe editions with a wide variety of behind the scenes footage. One can dream, can´t one? Thank you for yet another recording almost too good to be true. It still feels amazing to be a member of a website whose owner actually listens to the fanbase. NN is truly the people´s hairy website!

  3. vincentvega says:

    Nikki, darling – Please stop staring at the monitor. It’s a REAL mood-killer! Still love you, though!

    • Nikki Silver says:

      It seems that members are having a bit of trouble understanding the difference between a live show and a normal video update.

      Live Show – members can log on and watch models in real time, you can type chat to me, ask questions, make requests, we interact!

      HD Video Update – We shoot and edit a video scene, it is not live, it is created by the model and I before hand and put up on the site.

      I was ‘staring at the monitor’ so I could read what members were saying to me in real time and so we could respond and fulfill their requests. I’m sure if you were there live, you would have liked me to pay attention to what you were saying to me as opposed to ignore you? Unless you have an ignoring fetish, do you?


    • canklelover says:

      Hi Vincent! This was a live show where we interacted with Miss Nikki and Miss Harley through chat. If you noticed they interacted with me throughout the hour long video. The only way for me to ask questions, make requests, answer the ladies, etc. was through chat. This forced them to continually read the monitor. If you are able I highly suggest you attend the next live show and interact with the ladies. It was such a great time!

  4. alwaysandy says:

    how to download? there is not button here to right click save as for this video.

    • Nikki Silver says:

      Live shows are not available for download right now. Since it’s bonus content, and I want you all to show up LIVE to the live shows, I am keeping them to myself for now.

  5. i am a hetero guy but I find your artisrty, the honesty and naturalness of you Niki and Harley; shes’s like a female satyr. I want the two of you to do anything, everyyhing to me I’m so besotted. You women almost make me want to be a girl just to get close to you. Nicki this is exquisite material!

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