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Amazing video of Harley using a speculum to masturbate and show you their throbbing pussy!

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  1. Wow is that an ever hot view of her hairy pussy! Amazing hairy body and video!!

  2. So here we have an excellent vid starring the iconic Harley! Sitting, very relaxed on a couch, in Nikki’s lovely house. Harley wears a red top and shorts. She rubs her lovely very hairy legs and caresses her armpit hair. Some sensual moans are emitted, whilst she massages her breasts and then takes off her top. Wearing a white bra, Harley proceeds to rub her hands over her body, we see close-ups of her super hairy legs! Harley then stands up and displays her beautiful figure whilst removing her shorts and revealing colorful panties! A glorious treasure trail is seen, as Harley tantalisingly pulls at her panties! Off comes the underwear, Harley rubs both legs and we are treated to a close-up of that lovely hairy pussy! She pulls at her pubic hair whilst telling us of Nikki’s idea to open up her pussy with a speculum ( hope spelling correct?). Harley explains the anatomy of her pussy, highlighting the ring in her clit for those not sure of these details! Carefully using the speculum, Harley opens up her pussy and we get a view deep inside , amidst some lovely moans and groans, Harley massages her clit towards that inevitable climax, finally succumbing and gently winding down! It felt good, if somewhat different Harley tells us ! Different theme for this vid, but nevertheless proved successful in entertaining the viewer! More good stuff Nikki, your just great!!

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