4K! Temptation

Esme shows off their fit body with jet black hair before removing their sensual lingerie and spreading their hairy pussy wide.

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  1. person123abc says

    The view at 9:15 is INCREDIBLE… every model needs to be shot in that position…wow…so hot

  2. Wow , superb Esme vid, a gorgeous model, with beautifully proportioned body hair and a fine collection of tattoos! Super “snakey” lingerie, Esme poses in an excellent setting, with lovely net curtains to set off her performance. Esme subtly moves her lovely torso, whilst rubbing her hands over her shapely bod! When she gives her introductory speech, I was very much reminded of the iconic Harley in the way she spoke and sounded, a great compliment indeed !! Armpits were thoroughly explored and presented with lovely sensual caresses! Esme was then seated in one of Nikki’s familiar armchairs, where we were entertained with her shapely, hairy calves , leading to that anticipated finale with lovely pussy stimulation, amidst expectant moans and groans, leading to the inevitable, glorious climax! Your vids are extremely professional and superbly well presented Nikki, most definitely the overwhelming cream of the crop , amongst the current contenders!!

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