Higher Tonight Full Version

Part 1 and 2 together. The full 38+ minute plus version. Now with Download Link Available!

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  1. jonf1970 says:

    where is the download link

  2. tattooed1975 says:

    like the slight stain in the panties

  3. Hey there everyone,

    I’m going to hold off on posting the full download version of this video due to a member whose been reposting all my videos to a pirating site. The pirating site is actually helping me figure out who he is at the moment and I am planning on pursuing legal charges.

    I’m sorry for the delay for everyone else but I have to do what I can to protect my content. This video is very special to me and I don’t feel good about it being available anywhere else.

    yours truly,
    Nikki Silver

    • hairyrick says:

      Bastards! Good luck, good lady!

      The video is fantastic. It must be nice to walk out into the street and truthfully say, “My asshole was great in bed last night.” 🙂

      Be good,

  4. bbass82 says:

    Nikki you are awesome, this video is awesome.

  5. jonf1970 says:

    yes Nikki you are awesome and I just love this video.

  6. Nikki has the greatest happy endings! Hope she has many many more!

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