Hirsute Sunscreen

Minerva rubs sunscreen onto her hirsute body while taking some selfies by the river. Her thick, furry body hair is a site to behold! Amazing close up hairy pussy shot at the end.

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  1. shackwise12 says:

    great vid, looking forward to seeing Minerva in some of the sexy photo-shoots wearing the various outfits, shoes etc. Can’t wait!

  2. schnaps111 says:

    Minerva is so sexy. Always love to see her. I would also love to see her in various outfits as suggested by Shackwise.

  3. Wow. 10 mins part is unbelievable

  4. VeryHairyLegsLover says:

    Hi, i’m a new member on this great site. Minerva Fury is for me one of the hairiest legs & pussy newcomers!!!! She is so very sexy with a very hot body and with very much bodyhair, yesss!!! But i have a second favourite extremely hairy legs model!!! Nikki, i have a very big dream: I hope you can make my dream come true in the next very hairy months & future!!! My dream is a 60-minutes ultra hairy killer video (or videos) of MINERVA FURY & BELLA MAE!!!!! I think these 2 super sexy and extremely hairy girls are a new hirsute dreamteam!!! A very great idea is, these 2 hotties are in the bathtub and showing us her extremely hairy dry and later her wet legs (thighs & calves!!!), nice views and close-ups of that super much, thick, long leghair!!! And her very hairy wet asses in doggy from behind. All in the bathtub. These two models are my new favourites very, very, very hairy girls of 2019/2020!!!!

  5. AlexClouh says:

    Hi. Great news! Don’t you know this?

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