Hitachi in Nature

Leigh looks amazing dancing in the setting sun, showing off her gorgeous body, hairy armpits and bush before settling into the crisp golden grass to use her hitachi in all kinds of positions to a powerful orgasm

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  1. Hi Nikki,

    a unbelievable beautiful girl and so natural. There is all perfect. Amazing location for her. Really, a very very pretty girl. In Germany we say: A present from heaven. Congratulation that you can shoot her.

    Is this her first shoot? She looks a little shy but this makes her special cute.
    Hope for further shoots.


    • Nikki Silver says:

      I think Leigh has done a number of shoots but it was our first time working together! I think she is just very authentic in her videos, not being very performative. Either way is fine with me! I like shooting amateur girls who aren’t performing at all and sexy, hairy glamazon’s who know exactly how to show off their hair! All styles and attitudes are unique and interesting to me.

  2. Hi Nikki,

    an amazing shoot. What the beautiful photo series promised, delivers your fantastic film. What a deep feeling and sensitive woman is Leigh. And her feelings come directly through the film. Fantastic. The sequence from ca. 2:15 – 5:30 min is so sexy, Leighs round back vibrating! Her bush … and her thighs are breathtaking. Thank you Nikki and Leigh for this beautiful erotical moments.

  3. celerylover says:

    More than anything else, it’s closeups of the model’s face that send me over the edge.

  4. celerylover says:

    More than anything else, it’s closeups of the model’s face that send me over the edge. Specifically In this video, the camera angle showing the underside of Leigh’s upper lip. It’s the little things that sometimes have the greatest impact!

  5. I love that angle when she is rubbing on that dildo, can see her leg hair (4.10), lovely bum. So many treats in this vid. Pit closeup, face closeup when in pleasure, neck then straight to bush, LOVED that sequence. And no over the top moaning, just heavy breathing, love that even more
    Bum flexing was interesting too.
    Right near the end, you’re down on her level, she’s sideways, crystal clear, you stay at her head, then pan down, then back up, keeping at the same distance, LOVE THAT. Are you reading my mind or something
    Then a bit of filtered sun peeks through in the last few seconds. That might have spoiled your lighting 5mins later. Looked a bit too side on but I’m sure the Sun Ninja would have had a counter attack.
    This is the first time watching this vid but certainly won’t be the last. Now I’m really hyped up to see her with partner Valentine. I can’t wait to see the way they look at each other and the desire in their eyes.
    Thanks again for sharing this event, this vid I mean. The girl on girl vid might need an essay

    • Nikki Silver says:

      I love it! Sun ninja! Thanks for noticing all my careful attention to detail while shooting! It’s honestly great fun and sexy, creative outlet.

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