Hitachi Queen

Jane loves roses! As she's lounging at home(or my home, haha) reading about her favorite plant, she can't help but absorb some of it's sensual power. Luckily I left my hitachi around so she can have some fun soaking that gorgeous, hairy pussy.

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  1. canklelover says:

    Another excellent video, Miss Nikki. I really liked the closeups of Miss Jane’s hairy feet, full bush, nipple hair, and lovely little mustache. Miss Jane’s moans were quite nice as well!
    Thank you, Miss Jane, for keeping your hair and sharing it with us!
    Thank you, Miss Nikki, for capturing Miss Jane for us.

  2. sprinter222 says:

    Those hairy feet are stunning!

  3. MAXINER says:

    Would luv to her and Freya in a shoot

  4. The side bush profile in this is stunning. There is artistry in these shots; your thoughtfulness is always appreciated.

  5. cloudsinmycoffee says:

    Loved the close up of Jane’s face at the end. Glad you did not cut away too quickly.

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