Hitachi Torture

I have Harley all tied up in this Hitachi Chair! Her hands and ankles are restrained the hitachi is right on her clit, first over her underwear to tease her and then directly on her hairy pussy!

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  1. fischeg11 says

    The movie is very good but Harley’s armpit hair is not fully displayed.
    Her hands should be tied over her head.
    But nevertheless Harley is wonderful.

    • Nikki Silver says

      That would be really cool, have you checked out the girl/girl scene of her and Sara Tonin, ‘Hairy Magic’ – Sara tied her hands above her head because she’s experienced with rope bondage and knew how to do it properly without cutting off Harley circulation or making her uncomfortable/in pain. Unfortunantly I am not skilled or experienced in rope bondage so I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing that to someone.

    • Absolutely, too much stroking and tugging of those pits. Much better keeping her hands off all body areas.

  2. Eivind Niclasen says

    About Harley´s arms being too close to her sides: I happen to love those shots, since it exposes her armpit hair in a much more unintentional and innocent way than just pointing her arms skywards. Very suggestive and arousing, in my opinion. That´s possibly because I happened to grow up in a period of relative innocence in northern Europe, before having became mandatory for all females. Hair was natural and everywhere, and was considered a normal and natural way of signalling adulthood. Nobody complained about it until Baywatch happened in the early 90s – and the party was officially over for most local males of my generation.

  3. EastCoaster says

    How many times did she cum? Wow Nikki, you had to be so turned on while filming this. I love all the videos you’ve done utilizing the bondage chair so far. Harley has really intense orgasms so this was perfect for her. The pleasure she received shows well on camera. Nikki have you been in the chair yet?

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