Hotel Fantasy: Part 1

I know how much you love a good tease. Seeing a hairy, mature woman wrapped up tightly in a satin bodysuit and sheer nylon tights. My hairy body drives you completely fucking wild, doesn't it? There's no denying it. You're a fool for the way my one piece rides up my hairy ass cheeks. Go ahead, stroke yourself for me. Allow yourself to become completely consumed by my gorgeous dark hairs. The way my leg hairs poke through my tights is sure to leave you breathless. But you know I didn't lure you into this bed just to tease you, right? I brought some of my favorite toys to play with! And you know damn well that I'm going to put them to use! Lots of spreading, ass play, on my knees, with dildos, fingers, stockings, so much hot and hairy goodness! And this is only the beginning of this 3-part masturbation-athon! Enjoy xo

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  1. Mark Babbitt says

    Love that hairy ass. Looks delicious.

  2. igorros2000 says

    Miss Nikki, you are simply goddess!! Love your body! Your hairy pussy and your yummy butt 👅👅👅

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