I love coconuts

Sadly. I lost part 1 and 2 of this amazing day of masturbating I filmed of myself. But I think you'll enjoy this. Let me know what you think of this self-filming style. thanks!

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  1. bigkahuna7 says:

    You are so sexy you just knock my sox off!!

  2. Great video, especiallly the close-ups at the end.

    • thank you! Yeah, having the 2 cameras was great for the close up and far away shot. A little trickier to edit and such but hopefully I can do it in the future again!

  3. Absolutely out of mind – best I saw last month

  4. What a body and what a nice masturbation session! Nikki, you are so sexy!

  5. batonik2005 says:

    The most sexy girl on the world

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