Intimate Moment

Eleanor was so kind as to let me shoot her in her own bedroom. She strips out of her white, cotton sleep wear and starts rubbing her clit through her panties. Soon she is really wet and turned on and takes them off for better access...

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  1. Panties have always been my idea of proper gift wrapping and lovely Eleanor Rose must be God’s gift to Panties!

    Ohhh, I think watching her is going to make me melt….

  2. Nikki,
    Great job on this video. Love the tight slinky dress and white cotton panties.
    And while I’m thinking about it:
    Thank you for the last 30 seconds. Just the right ending to a great scene.
    I appreciate the fact that you *really* listen to and want to please your members!

  3. Alisa Perdue says:

    Eleanor’s body is perfect. The sexiest body I’ve ever seen in my life. I wish I could love her all the days of her life

  4. Eleanor’s one of my new favorite models here, with a fantastic and curvy figure that’s not ruined by tattoos and piercings. Hairy armpits have not been that arousing to me, till now -Eleanor’s I have to say are very sexy, especially when her pretty eyes are in view. I would LOVE to see Nikki so a scene with Eleanor, bury her face in her hairy armpits and give her a nice long rimjob!

  5. terry4506 says:

    Says you are right Eleanor is a God’s gift to panties. Nikki, please upload more videos of Eleanor wearing panties for long time and then get naked.

  6. For me, THE most sensual film on the site. Eleanor is so effortlessly sexy. The brief sequence where she firmly rubs the front of her softly bulging panties while standing is dynamite – I just love the sounds. I would have been equally happy with 10 minutes of this alone.

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