Into the Woods Part 1

Shot by the incredibly talented Fivestar, I think this is my best girl/girl scene to date. Mire and I are on a hike in the woods when I have to pee. I take off my shorts and pee standing up on the side of the trail. Mire can't help but notice my hairy bush and suggest resting by a river. I offer her a foot massage which quickly turns into me worshipping her hairy legs and beautiful toes with my tongue and lips. We then start making out and eating each others hairy armpits before getting naked and eating and fingering each others hairy pussys.

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  1. Very hot Nikki! I love the image of you and Mire walking and only one of you has pants on. Looking forward to Part II.

  2. BritGuySteve says:

    You both enjoyed the hair pie picnic by the looks of things, and Mire’s hardened nipples made it even sexier.
    Can’t wait for the next part and to see more of Mire.

  3. nirijayanthi says:

    Love that you are a nudist and are an unshaven woman! Thanks, Nikki! Love you! 🙂

  4. cowboy1984 says:

    Love it when you ladies pee in nature.

  5. CaliBoy909 says:

    In love

  6. Nikki you are so incredible. You know how to turn anyone on. Drop your panties, show your beautiful bush and pee. No one can resist that. You should made Myre melt. The mutual armpit licking is so hot. But watching Myre eat your ass I was so jealous. Sure would have loved to be there to drink up your lovely golden nectar.

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