Into the Woods – Full

Full hardcore strap on scene here! Mire and I pick up where we left off and making out, eating pussy and she fucks me in all kinds of positions with a big strap on with me finally cumming on my knees. I then lay her on her back and make her cum fucking her hard with my hand until we collapse in a tired pile of hairy girl. Cinematography by Fivestar

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  1. BritGuySteve says:

    One of the best videos you’ve made. Can see how genuinely horny you both were. I believe I actually drooled while watching this.

    • Nikki Silver says:

      I had such a great time! All around amazing, Fivestar is super talented(and super hot) and Joey Minx helped out as well. There’s was hotness everywhere.

  2. Jason Silva says:

    Love the queefs, just after 41 minutes. So hot. Would love to see (and hear…lol) more!

  3. OMG! I am exhausted after watching this, I feel like I’ve had the sex myself! Beautiful beautiful camera work, this video is so freakin hot! It plays kind of on the older younger scenario, now Nikki I’m not saying your old by any means but obviously Myre is very young looking and is quite frankly stunning! if I were walking down the street and saw her walking by I would probably trip over a fire hydrant! And you too Nikki don’t get me wrong. The sexual energy here is electric, Myre could go on for hours and hours I can tell, and I could watch her for hours! I don’t usually watch a scene from end to end, lot of times while watching porn I tend to ff to the good parts, well this video is all good parts! I am a firm believer that you cannot have too much kissing in a lesbian scene, it means so much because it gives you a sense of true passion, kissing is throughout this scene and I love the way Myre just throws her tongue out at you, so fucking hot! The strapon is so intense, again Myre is showing her sexual prowess! she could put any man to shame the way she handles that thing! I know this review is a little late, I just want to thank everyone who made this video possible, damn would I ever love to see Myre in another gg shoot. love the outdoor scenes too.

    • Nikki Silver says:

      Hey there,
      I appreciate your comment! Yes Myre is sex itself, a good friend of mine and too hot for words, I agree! Fivestar’s camera work is top notch! There is another girl/girl scene of Myre and Felix – Myre is more submissive in that one but still super hot!

  4. The whole video is sooo hot, but you getting fucked with the strap on is the pièce de résistance

  5. I agree Myre is so hot. Please tell us what it was like to suck her toes as you looked up at her leghair.
    That’s where I’m up to so far. I can tell from the comments there are many more fun bits to come

  6. You look so damn sexy in that top too. I really dig the way you look at your partner in a scene, it’s such a turn on, you’re so present in that moment. 2 girls kissing, i’ve always said there’s nothing better. My gf thinks its creepy but you can’t deny it from where I’m standing. It’s just so delicate, so passionate, the sound of lips smooshing, tongues meeting… btw, this site has the best girl on girl scenes that I’ve ever come across. There’s a connection with the girls as it would seem to me. I’m all heated up even before their clothes are removed. Anything past that point is just a bonus
    Finished the vid. There were no boring parts, the whole thing was top notch. Whoever shot this, thankyou so much. Everytime I wanted to see closer, there it was, then another angle, there it was. The licking was amazing, so much licking. I feel so fulfilled with this vid. I enjoyed the Myre and Felix vid also, still have to rewatch that one a few times. I cant even compare the 2, lets just say they were both equally excellent.
    Then there was the strapon part, WOW, thats like getting icecream with choc topping on top of a cake
    Ok, time for a break. Thanks again to all involved in this masterpiece. Nikki, you looked so sexy in this vid (if you dont mind me saying so). I could go into much more detail but don’t want to sound like a perve, even though we kind of are here to do that. Ok, one thing, I love your bum. Very smackable. Would you believe my GF said that about mine, in front of my Mum at xmas the other day. So embarrassing
    Peace out

  7. Side note, so glad you did a few positions with the strapon.
    Peace (from OZ)

    • Nikki Silver says:

      Oz – being Australia, yes? I am hoping to go next ‘summer’ and shoot content there!

      • Yep, Australia. That big site which I wont mention, that changed hands and went to The Netherlands if I’m correct, that used to be in Ozzie hands and all the chicks were from Oz, except for the tourists which were mostly from the UK, try and track some of those gals down. That period of about 2009–12 had some great content. A blond chick, Jilly, I always wonder how she’s going. She was hairy top to bottom, a Hippie gal. Red head Chloe B, WOW, that bush was so insane. The vid of her and Jilly, it’s in the same league as your girl on girl clips here.
        Also, Nichole from The Netherlands. Think she might still be signed with them but have seen her elsewhere. Would love to see her with Olivia Rose. Pipe dream of course but one never knows

  8. Myre and Nikki is the definition of sex. Love you Queen Nikki, always wonderful to see you in these videos. Slight role reversal as you are usually the one in charge. Myre got to worship the queen and be in control, or was she? 🙂 Watching this they both had control of me, couldn’t take my eyes off them.

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