Red Fur

Enjoy new model, showing off her slender physique, long long head hair and super fluffy bush!

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  1. winters57 says:

    nice very nice

  2. BOND5000 says:

    Holy God, Ivy’s hairy pussy is to die for, with so much long, thick, gorgeous pussy hair, I love her pulling it, twirling it & playing with it, it makes me ACHE to smell her hairy pussy!!! I love her ass from behind seeing all that thick, long pussy hair underneath; OMG I want all of that LONG, thick pussy hairy tickling my balls as I slide my penis deep inside her hairy pussy from behind!!! I love her legs spread wide on the couch, I ache to smell & lick that hairy pussy!!! I would love to go over there on my knees & slide my throbbing penis in her hairy pussy & kiss her & embrace her as I shoot tons of cum deep in her big hairy pussy!!!

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