Thick Hairy Bush

Ivy shows off her lean and supple body, her waist legnth head hair, her cute sweaty armpits and her BIG fluffy bush! Such a big bush on such a small lady! Enjoy this cutie showing off and masturbating for you.

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  1. such supple breasts. such a beautiful bush. can’t believe I’m the first to comment. seriously underrated fine pussy right here.

  2. richardtj says

    Such a sweet young lady. Glad to see she choose to keep her pussy natural ‘n hairy!

  3. BOND5000 says

    I always love my mind when I see how long & thick Ivy’s bush & pussy hair are!!! I love her butt, she has the thickest, most gorgeous bush I have almost ever seen in my life!!! I love seeing a woman from the side to see how long & thick her pussy hair is, then seeing it head on to see how big & hairy Ivy’s BUSH is, OMG she is heaven on earth, my cock is in paradise!!! When women shave their pussies I like their assholes more, but this in a case where I want her hairy pussy more than I want anything on the entire earth!!! I love her legs spread showing her big hairy pussy & then the close up of her big hairy pussy & gorgeous pussy lips!!! My cock is in throbbing heaven & aches for the big, gorgeous hairy pussy!!!

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