I went on a run and got so turned on, getting my blood flowing and all that I go to the backyard to jerk off. Unfortunantly there are too many neighbors so I go inside where I find a toy... Shot by James Darling

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  1. Exercise does a girl good, and I love Nikki’s cool down technique. Just imagine the fun if she were the personal trainer at the sacred hair school for horny girls!

  2. Geenius_ says:

    Pretty woman– wearing sneakers..& Hairy..what took me so long– can’t believe i’m so late to the party on this site– Amazing stuff Nikki–

    • Nikki Silver says:

      Thank you Geenius_, I love running my own site and collaborating with models to produce fun and exciting content for everyone involved! I think you’ll find as you spend more time here and as the site continues, we are very different from the other hairy sites.

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