Dirty Talk

Kisa is all dressed up and teasing you with her sexy body hair. Lots of dirty talk in this one!

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  1. Absolutely amazing! Please do a jerk off instructions for losers

  2. Kisa’s spectacular body hair not withstanding, her labia are truly magnificent and mouth watering!!

  3. tamhonthien says:

    SUNlight is Too Strong and decreases the image quality, the picture sharpness of the hairy body ! Missing some close-ups on meaty pussy labia, hairy ass, thighs, etc, what make Kisa attractive !
    Otherwise the vid is good.
    With her hairy body Kisa will be wonderful in the water of a tub!

  4. garibaldi52 says:

    kisa ha moltissimi peli sul corpo che sono fantastici meravigliosi li amo tutti i peli di kisa

  5. Arizona Cowboy says:

    Kisa is every real man’s dream. And her very provocative style lends itself to the beauty of her hairyness.
    I am very envious of every man (and woman) who has been able to eat at her “Y”!

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