4K! Hairy Divine

Kisa shows off her gorgeous all natural and hirsute body in stunning 4K!

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  1. Beautiful view of her pussy and ass.

  2. shackwise12 says:

    Wowsers!! Make no mistake, this is a vid of one of the most incredible hairy models , currently on the circuit!! Namely the wonderful Kisa Fae!! Set in one of Nikki’s splendid rooms, with outside garden views, Kisa takes us on a breathtaking tour of her remarkable body hair!1 Starting with super hairy toes, we graduate up those mind-blowing hairy legs, off with sexy jeans shorts and stylish Calvin Klein pants, to reveal a gloriously hairy pussy !! Up that tantalising tres trail, off comes the top to showcase sumptious hairy breasts/nipples and those magnificent armpits, all smothered in gorgeous black hair!! Beautiful hairy arms, all the way up !! and now Kisa’s exclusive facial hair, omg , so exciting!! We finish with a close-up of Kisa’s delectable pussy, all along accompanied with Kisa’s soft, soothing vocal dialogue, encouraging us to devour her amazing assets!! A true masterpiece again Nikki, your website tops the charts time and time again!!

  3. frederic thibault says:

    kisa is so hairy and so beautiful awesome video thank you nikki

  4. 10/10 easily one of the best videos on this site. Close ups are unbelievable!

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