Kisa Boy/Girl

Enjoy Kisa's FIRST EVER Hardcore Boy/Girl Sex Scene! Watch her enjoy oral worship of her big fluffy hairy pussy, suck Ruckus's dick and then ride it! Watch her tight, pink hairy pussy get penetrated in all kinds of positions!

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  1. That was incredible. Thanks so much for making this happen. Maybe the first of many to come in the future?
    Would love to see any girl with their partner. Jane, Vestasia, Teddy Snowflower, Tanya, Joey Mynx, Simone, to name a few
    Thanks again

  2. as.mycek87 says:

    More video updates like this, more Hardcore Boy/Girl Sex Scenes and I’d keep my membership all year long instead of just getting a month membership every 6 months after a couple of intriguing videos pile-up to download.

    • Vergil9000 says:

      i agree, more boy girl sex scenes with the other models as well

      • That could also mean fewer updates. Nikki´s salary expenses for models would probably increase considerably, plus balancing schedules for everyone involved could also be a challenge. I fully support the idea of more boy/girl scenes, but we also have to be realistic. But Nikki will, obviously, have the final word.

  3. shackwise12 says:

    super vid, maybe could have kept the stockings/heels on a bit longer, but overall brilliant!

  4. Nikki Silver says:

    I’m so glad everyone likes this video! Very sadly, I actually lost about half the photage – this is what I was able to salvage! So I have plans to shoot another boy/girl with Kisa in the future. xo y’all!

    • Sorry to sound selfish, but that is the best news of the week for me! It´s a pity that you lost so much footage, but this video may well be the best boy/girl scene I have ever seen; I honestly can´t think of anything superior to this, especially considering Kisa´s oral skills. It´s incredible to watch her give head. I never thought I would get to experience that. I particularly like it when she is looking into the camera while going down on Ruckus. It also makes her moustache stand out even more – double whammy! The filming is so realistic and laid back, the couple seem to genuinely like each other and the lighting is natural and intimate to watch. The close ups of Kisa´s bush during penetration are also epic. Breathtaking stuff.

      If I have to find one less than perfect detail, it would be the use of a condom, but I am sure there are good reasons for that. Perhaps legal reasons?

      • Nikki Silver says:

        So glad you liked it. I of course think I can do better and am kind of excited about working on lighting for boy/girl shoots and various other quality aspects. I’m a production nerd!
        Anyways, regarding condoms, I let models use whatever protection or not that they want to. I think I could take more care to make the condom less visible – that’s something I want to improve here, but otherwise it costs a lot of $$ to get fully tested and not all models want to do it.
        If anyone wants to see a particular model in a boy/girl scene sans condom, if the model is open to it, if you want to pay for their testing I’m sure there are folks who would be happy to do that. Just shoot me an email at
        I’m also hoping to shoot some models with their real life partners so that may be a way to get a no condom shoot. It’s honestly quite tricky though bc most amateur male talent cannot keep their dick hard. Believe me; I know.

  5. Honestly I was about to say that this seems like a bad representation of what the scene was supposed to be. But Nikki already said that she lost half the footage and this is what could be salvaged. so that makes more sense as to why it seemed off to me. With that information, all in all very awesome!

    • Nikki Silver says:

      Thanks for understanding. Yes, I haven’t lost phootage in many years and was really beating myself up about it! Kisa and I were shooting a lot of content and I was just simply exhausting by the end of shooting this scene. Glad they both agreed to do another scene.

  6. Is it possible to get Harley with her partner? Or, Harley and Kissa with one pretending (even dressing) as a boy, then have a strapon situation
    Thanks again for this vid Nikki, even though as you say, not complete (not that I could tell, just figured there were audio issues at the start), it was still overwhelming to see Kissa going down on a man.
    Maybe the next one she could rub that moustache on him a little bit.
    Great stuff

    • Nikki Silver says:

      Glad you enjoyed, I actually have shot a boy/girl scene of Harley already! I would love to shoot another girl/girl of Harley and Kisa but they live on opposite sides of the country, if we’re ever all in the same place again, I surely will.

  7. Great scene but we need more. I’d love to see some reverse cowgirl!

  8. hairypussylover says:

    This is one of the best videos on the site and also a hairy dream come true seeing one of my top favorites, Kisa Fae, perform a hardcore video with a man. Only thing I would have done differently is cum on her beautiful hairy ass instead. She has the best butt on the planet (yeah better than even Jennifer Lopez). Hope she decides to do another video with a guy in the future. Thank you Nikki for producing this treasure, and extra big thank you to Kisa!

  9. Absolutely magnificent. Apparently there was an issue with some of the video being ‘lost’. Even the camera couldn’t handle the intense heat of this.

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