Kisa in 4K

Our first video in 4K! So excited to present this video to you and allow you to worship each and every crisp body hair on Kisa in full 4K Resolution! Please download for the full 4K resolution version. We will be updating intermittently with 4K content through out 2020 and moving towards a full transition.

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  1. takenakagawa1 says

    Very clear vison brings me real Kisa close. I like another treasue trail of Kisa from hairy armpits to nipple. So nice! Thank you, Nikki!

  2. 4k is the way to go! Hair looks way more detailed. Just give it a bit more bitrate, say 30 to 50mbps. And watch out for overexposed areas. But awesome content nonetheless. 4k everywhere!

    • Nikki Silver says

      Yeah, the clouds were coming in and out this day, not ideal, so I know the lighting in this video is not up to par.

      Glad you enjoyed! It will be a bit of a process perfecting the 4K settings but we’ll get there.

  3. That moment at 7 mins 13 sec into the video, where Kisa looks skywards, arches her back and reaches backwards with both arms above her head is just divine. Look at how beautifully the light is reflected in those massive pits! A 4K video featuring Kisa is bound to have a lot of highlights running through it, but that moment is my personal favourite throughout the 13 plus minutes. As much as mainstream porn benefits from 4K resolution, I feel that NN gains more than anyone else with it. Nikki´s models are more interesting than girls on other site, even other hairy sites, there are millions of tiny details to celebrate, not least with Kisa´s body tour. Hairy bliss!

  4. gatoblanco says

    beautiful again!!!!!!

  5. Very nice video in a back yard setting, 4K looks like the way to go. I thought Kisa Fae looked extra nice.

  6. Fantastic! Kisa is a wonderful model and she is perfect for showing how brilliant 4k videos can be. I hope we will see many more 4k videos in the future here. Many thanks, Nikki!

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