Kisa in Lingerie

A whole 20 minutes of Kisa showing off her gorgeous body in this amazing, lacey lingerie! Of course ending with showing off her gorgeous hairy pussy and masturbating!

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  1. canklelover says:

    This is another excellent video staring Miss Kisa. And the luckiest plants in the world!
    Miss Kisa puts on a stunning performance. She starts by simply swaying and turning, teasing us with her hairy perfection, then masturbating to a juicy end. We’re given excellent closeups of Miss Kisa’s facial hair, chest hair, armpit hair, butt hair, and of course her full bush. There’s even a few shots of some lovely unibrow hairs, particularly at 8:47 and 10:25.
    Again, thank you Miss Kisa for continuing to fight the razor and keep your beautiful, natural hair.
    Thank you, Miss Nikki, for capturing Miss Kisa for us.

    • Would be interesting to see if she lets her eyebrows go wild like the rest of her body. I remember she did before and posted a pic on Twitter. It was quite something!

      I’d love to see an interview with her where she talks about her choice to be hairy and the reactions people have.

      • Nikki Silver says:

        Hi there,

        Hmmm, I’m not sure that Kisa does much to her eyebrow’s – I don’t know that she does but maybe they can go full wild for our next shoot. Regarding an interview, yeah, I’ve shot so much of her but never an interview! Will be sure to do that next time I have her out, thanks for the ideas!

  2. I always get the feeling there are endless possibilities with a model like Kisa. There are so many great things about her to focus on, she is such a total beauty for us NN fans. Same thing goes for Nikki, Harley, Katie Z etc. Nikki and NN continue to set the standard for hairy porn, although as for myself, I certainly wouldn´t mind a bit of boy/girl content once in a while.

  3. jTw5Ju6crQ39 says:

    Nikki, the lingerie scenes are always fantastic, keep them coming. The models make the lingerie look so good. You are great Nikki in producing quality and exceptionally appealing scenarios.
    Kisa, you are fabulous! I relish the opportunity to view your scenes.

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