Passionate Fun in the Kitchen

Wouldn't you love to get sandwiched between these unshaven beauties?! In Part 2 of this awesome hairy girl/girl video, Maggie and Maxine move into the kitchen after Maggie licks Maxine's hairy pussy until she cums in the washroom. They find a fun toy in the cabinets and now it's Maggie's turn to cum. Maxine is quick to get on her knees in front of her hairy friend and starts teasing Maggies' fuzzy thighs and bush with her warm mouth. If you love passionate lesbian pussy eating magic this clip was made for you. I got a ton of different angles including close-up shots of Maxine's face buried in Maggies' hairy cunt. It's such a beautiful sight to see, isn't it?!

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  1. Two very sexy ladies!

  2. I love these girls! Once I hit record they really go at it, it’s hard to get them to stop!

  3. Her face in Maggies bush is so hot!

  4. flagitium says

    Girl/Girl, for sure!

  5. flagitium says

    Maggie & Kisa Fae!

  6. what? why in the preview is the brunette whos gonna been licked from behind but in the video is the blondie? where is the real part? >:(

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