Lazy Gardener

To celebrate my trip to NY I am posting this AWESOME almost hour long video of me and one of my, and your fav models, Simone Delilah having super fun kinky sex! I punish her for doing a bad job weeding my garden by spanking her, making her eat my pussy and finally fucking her with a big strap on! This video is for you if you enjoy hirsute lesbians rolling around in the garden and licking each others hairy pussies until we cum.

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  1. bigjockdogg says:

    I love Nikki. I would love to show her my talent and skills. I love to see her eat pussy. She get so into it. Its sooo sexy! Absolutely love her g/g scenes 😀

  2. Also! I highly recomend downloading this, I forgot to mention, because it’s so long the streaming version is not very high quality. My apologies!

  3. Simone Delilah says:

    OMG I love the look Nikki gives toward the camera at about 27 minutes and 5-10 seconds in, when I turn around and back my ass into her, “like is she really this much of a bottom?” Hah! Yes, Nikki, sometimes I’m a nasty switch, but also I am really that much of a bottom.

    • EastCoaster says:

      You’re just an absolutely gorgeous woman. Everything about you is beautiful and you’re very unique. Dark hair everywhere, pretty face, pretty smile, voluptuous, and my oh my those lips down there.

  4. EastCoaster says:

    Wow! This may have been the greatest video I’ve seen. Two of my favorite models Simone and Nikki finally in a g/g. Nikki you really are a good lover. You always bring your partners absolute pleasure. I was waiting for someone to really put it on Simone and you really did a great job. I love the anilingus, Simone’s ass is so voluptuous it’s only right to put a tongue there. That was so hot that I had to rewind about 5 times to the point where I could taste her also :). Great job Nikki.
    Maybe you and Simone should do a miniseries with a different theme every episode.

  5. Jack1234 says:

    I think that this site has the absolute best models for this specialty. Members pay and join to see sex. In this case, on this site, if they choose masturbation, then they they want to see a hairy model masturbate. If they choose lesbian, then they want to see sex between two hairy women.

    Unfortunately, the viewer has to wait, watch and listen to needless talking, fake giggling and a bunch of residual non sense “filler” until we can actually see what we came to watch. In many cases, the “filler” is 80% of the video. It seems that the models perform the minimum when it comes to actual sex or masturbation.

    Am I alone in this view and opinion? Isn’t that why we join a sex a site, to see action? Simone and Nikki are really favorites, imagine how hot it would be if they had been serious and spent the time just licking and fingering each other to orgasm. (BTW, does Nikki ever lay down to be eaten, I only see her sitting on someones face…:))

    I think the site is very well done, is true quality and sets the standard for others to follow. It is a good price value. Just sharing my observation and I think if people were honest, they might agree with me.

    • Nikki Silver says:

      Hi there Jack,

      I appreciate your feedback.

      I much prefer riding a womans face to cum, hence why I am always sitting on everyones face. My orgasms are real and laying back and being licked it just not my preferred way to getting eaten out.

      I’ve previously gotten feedback that members want ‘slow’ scenes where the chemistry is given time to build and lots of attention is payed to body hair that is not pussy hair, like legs, armpits etc. It seems that this is not your preference so I’ll take it into consideration.

      The way many women approach sex is a bit different then most men, it isn’t always about heading straight for orgasming, there are lots of things that lead up to orgasming that enhance and feel sensual but are not directly ‘sexual’ like kissing, talking and laughing together, grabbing bodys over clothes.

      You have to remember that the site is a mixture of what members are asking for, what models want to do and my own vision.


  6. As a hairy gardener myself, I love how much you incorporate your garden and vegetables into your work.

    • Nikki Silver says:

      Aw I’m glad! I love my garden and plants and love to incorporate them as much as I can! I don’t have a full vegetable garden this year but next year I plan to have a big one show off all my plant babies and hairy babes to all the members!

  7. Wow awesome seen. I love the reach around thing. Nothing turns me on more than to see a hot female from behind reach around and fondle the other chics tits and finger her while kissing and licking her neck & shoulders. Huge turn on. I love the end when u ride her face and spread it wide for her to lick. The closeups were awesome.
    I know you listen to your fans and are in tuned with what we like. I would love to see more reach around be it sitting on the sofa or leaning back on the bed or standing in the shower. Just some ideas lol. I wouldnt mind seeing you spread their pussy wide open so we can see inside it as yo stick your tongue into their hole in and out slowly. I know alot of porn sites dont do that and the girls for the most part just stick to the clit and labia. Very few actually lick inside and stick their tongue all the way in. I would love to see that more if you’re able to do so.
    Last Q lol…did you neighbors not notice or say anything? Yall were just out there in the middle of the day in the backyard lol. Just curious. Very hot. Im not sure I could handle being your neighbor lol. It wud drive me crazy knowing their was hot hairy lesbian action going on next door and I couldnt be a part of it hahaha.
    Keep up the awesome work Nikki. I love this site lol

    • Nikki Silver says:

      Hey there,

      Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll take them into when I shoot my scene with Simone next week!

      I am naked in my yard all the time, the neighbors are used to it. haha!


    • Nikki Silver says:

      Hey there,

      Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll take them into when I shoot my scene with Simone next week!

      I am naked in my yard all the time, the neighbors are used to it. They’ve mentioned it to me at different points but nobody has cared. haha!


      • Lol thats awesome. Im sure there’s alot more stuff you can get away with in Calif and the ppl are probly much more chill than most other states. I would die to be your neighbor hahaha. Thx for replying & answering my Q. Keep up the awesome work Nikki.

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