Lesbian Forest Voyeurs Part 2

In Part 2 of this awesome multi-girl porno, I use a glass toy on maggie before strapping on a dick and fucking her hard from behind, I pull her hair, call her a dirty girl and force her pussy soaked fingers into her mouth, then she makes me cum licking my pussy and fingering me. Check out the trailer if you're not already a member, and if you are, well, enjoy!

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  1. iluvnatural says:

    This much sexiness simply blows my mind!!

  2. thehornet says:

    Great tip at the end.

  3. bigjockdogg says:

    I love NikkiSilver…damn!

  4. Robert Nagiel says:

    N-S, when you try to smile, but are too breathless – and then just lie back, as your breasts rise and fall with the tremors passing through you – THAT was what I call erotic!

  5. That was sooo hot! Loved every second of it.

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