Licking their Hairy Pits

Gem + Fox are real life lovers and it really shows! They take their time kissing and appreciating every piece of each others bodies in my garden, simply salivating over each other. Before going in my bedroom and getting down and dirty in each other's hairy holes!

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  1. Steve2022 says

    Yes! This is one for the ages! That close up licking at 39 minutes literally took my breath away. A tour de force from everyone involved!! Videos like this are why I will be a lifetime member of Naughty Natural lol.

  2. I think both models are great.
    Thank you Nikki!

  3. I love girls with a big clit. Great closeups of watching it being massaged. Thank you Nikki

  4. PhilthyPhil307 says

    Definitely need more of Gem. She is so unbelievably beautiful, and those eyes! 😍

  5. gatoblanco says

    Spectacular video of these two lovers. Great close-up shots.

  6. Hello Nikki,
    I’d like to see Gem Solo, wet & hairy. She’s in the line of Harley, Kisa, Olive & the other hairiest lovely models.
    My 30 day-membership will expire soon. I’ll wait this vid & subscribe again. Thanks

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