Magic Mushrooms

Kisa finds a cute mushroom in the woods and decides to eat it. Little does she know it's a magic mushroom and soon she is induced into a wild masturbating craze!

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  1. Pleasantly unhurried and exciting to watch at the same time. Nikki strikes a perfect balance once again. Also a great thank you for taking the time to show Kisa´s arm hair and facial hair up close. She has so many qualities, it´s difficult to decide where to start. NN members have lately been spoiled with content featuring Kisa. Will that continue? Please…?

  2. She’s amazing wonder if we will see a no shave november from her ? Would love to see her facial hair untouch and eyebrows undone for even awhile .

    • You should follow me on twitter, @KisaFae I’ve been doing NoShaveNovember this month! My facial hair & eyebrows are the wildest they’ve been in a while, now that the month is almost over ;P

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