Making my Personal Trainer Fuck Me ;)

My personal trainer Maji and I were working out when my assistant, Delilah came in to talk to me. Little did I know that had hooked up before. Seeing the way they looked at each other turned me on so much. I had been fantasizing about Maji and that body anyways and Delilah is always down to please me whenever I like. I had her get down on her knee's to get him hard before the 3 of us went back to my bed so I could use Delilah's face and Maji's cock for my pleasure.

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  1. screamingwhite says

    Another hot video starting with exercise. Love it. Would love to see everyone get a bit sweatier first. Nothing better than some glistening hairy skin. Kisa and Zaki are testaments to that. 🙂

  2. love vids with boys :p more please !

  3. More hairy sex with hairy natural guys please, this was very hot and sexy.

  4. This was an excellent and exciting three way (FFM) with hot sexy people which I really enjoyed very much. I do think if wo had worked out and started to sweat a bit it may have made the build up a bit more erotic. I also love Delilah sexy outfit. Another well made exciting erotic video. Thank you!

  5. Hopefully we will see Maji in more videos! Him and other loving men would be a a great compliment to the other folks on this sight!

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