Jane is gorgeous on this crisp fall day dancing with the plants! Enjoy her disrobing and showing off her abundant body hair before masturbating.

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  1. Spectacular!!!

  2. jstewart says

    Love her beautiful smile : )

  3. CunningLinguist says

    Similar impression as with the corresponding photo set. Jane is looking even more wonderful than before. It’s refreshing to see her so joyful and relaxed. While other porn sites only allow for more quantity of a model, N&N also allows for their models to grow as a performer and as a person. I also can’t help but envy Nikki and Vestacia for having kissed Jane.

    • Nikki Silver says

      Aw, thank you!
      Yes, I always think of NN as like the boutique, slow food version of porn. I develop relationships with my models (similar to a small restaurant developing relationships with farmers) and hence shoot them in smaller quantities over longer amounts of time. It is not the most time or money efficient but it allows the models to evolve, grow and for the content to feel more relaxed, and I am able to pay much closer attention to my craft of photography and make sure the content is really great.
      Big sites shoot huge quantities all at once and at a very fast pace.
      And as you know, Jane is one of my favorites and my real life best friend, so.
      Thanks for noticing and appreciating the time we put into making great content for you!

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