Wow, I had such an intense orgasm in this one, just rubbing my clit; I even surprised myself! Includes lots of hairy close-ups, sensual teasing, and a sexy surprise at the end xo

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  1. Hi Nikki,

    beautiful video. Your orgasms are so gorgeous and you become more pretty from video to video.
    I’m a very great fan about pulsating and wetness pussies. That’s so gorgeous. I say always that the women are the prettiest compositions that the nature has created.

    I wish we can play Tennis together.😊


  2. CunningLinguist says

    Another beautiful video that screams confidence. Those two post-orgasmic close-up shots at the end are just to die for. I could only repeat my wish of seeing a hairy speculum video on N&N.

  3. So nice. I love when your legs are widely open as your pussy…

    • I agree 100% with Michel. I absolutely love the pose and camera frame around the 12:00 mark!
      Here we get an extended and relaxed view of Nikki showing that beautiful face, luscious full tits, hairy armpits, and wet pussy. The close ups are nice, but I always go for the full-body shot. That’s just me…..

      Too many sites just have models ram something into their pussy as soon as their panties come off or only show it covered up while masturbating. The comments on these sites is always something like: “I wonder what her pussy looks like. I can describe the back of her hand in detail”

      I’ll get off of my soapbox now……

      Nikki truly listens to her members and delivers.
      Thanks Nikki!

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