Vestacia dances under one of her favorite Mesquite tree's. Leaving a tribute of oranges and feeling herself. She undress's and masturbates to the sounds of a woodpecker.

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  1. VestaciaLove says

    WOW! This is exactly why I joined NN. V was already my favorite Goddess, but to see her honor, twine with & love that tree is breathtakingly Hot. The close up shots of the sun illuminating Vestacia’s beautiful blond body hair are fantastic. Bravo.

    • Nikki Silver says

      Aw, I’m so glad you liked it! It’s a very special tree and I always strive to incorporate nature into as much of my shoots as possible. Not sure how many members are actually here for that but glad to know at least one is, you!

      • cloudsinmycoffee says

        I certainly prefer the natural settings, Nikki. To be honest, I find the “glam” shoots with heels and lingerie less appealing. Keep up the great work!

        • Nikki Silver says

          Good to know. I find them both fun but prefer natural settings much more! Seems like there’s a diversity of opinion on that here though. Guess I’ll keep shooting both?

  2. W(O)(O)W!!!!

  3. Great leg closeup in this vid, delicious. Love the way she layed in the middle of the tree, hair upside down. Sexy shot that. Can imagine a few things there. i LOVE when girls hold their boobs together. Great to see her landing strips under arms from another angle
    The tree at the end, the outer part of the Mesquite Tree? Looks like it can withstand high wind by the shape of it. Interesting structure. Was there really a woodpecker?, I have to listen on low volume as to not allow neighbours to hear loud moaning. Think I might have been caught a few times with the all of a sudden type moan. You turn the volume up cuz it’s a faint moan, up some more, then they cum and the big scream moan.
    I just went back to the beginning and if one doesn’t look at Miss V, the tree is actually insanely interesting. Are those branches that go to the ground all around or is it part of the root system?
    You could almost make a house inside that, so much protection. Ok, so i think they are branches on further inspection. So much to learn about trees from other parts of the world. Please don’t tell me this was also taken out by the fires? That was devastating.
    Thanks for sharing, very fulfilling. Her body, the way she moves, it’s hypnotic. I’d still love to see you filming her in say a 2 minute bit. I don’t know how you would technically do that. Could you have an older or even fake camera while someone else has the real one filming just behind that lovely bottom of yours. I know you’ve done that before haven’t you. I remember seeing you smile while doing it. Maybe it was Vestacia. I remember there being a mirror. Ok, so that’s what I’m probably thinking of
    Lovin it all Nikki, thanks so much

    • Nikki Silver says

      That tree is very magical, I’m sure Vestacia could tell you more about it but it was truly an honor to get to shoot in it. I never imagine members are paying as much attention to the plant life in my shoots as I am, so I’m glad you noticed how majestic it is, I’m sure it is a very old tree. 🙂
      I used to shoot more bts video’s of me shooting, dk why I stopped, I think just got more focused on the actual shoot itself but I’ll see if I can do some more. 🙂

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