4K! Delicious

Your boss(me) notices you staring at her hairy legs even though she's wearing nylon stockings. You can't keep your eyes off them and she knows exactly how to manipulate your desire by turning you into her hairy pussy licking slave!

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  1. schnaps111 says

    Sensational! Very hot and sexy! I love how you play with the camera / audience. This made me feel personally involved in the scene. 4k also really makes a difference when it comes to the sharpness of the picture. Thus, I feel it also has a very positive effect on the scene feeling more real and overall more feeling personally involved. I love it! Many thanks, Nikki!

  2. shackwise12 says

    your best vid yet Nikki, just love the close-up nylons sequence! great if you Bella Mae and Minerva could all do similar together, when this horrible virus saga is finally over.

  3. Thedarkone2020 says

    Beautiful pulsating fur box!

  4. rockwrench13 says

    NIKKI!!!!!! More 4K close ups of those hot hairy nipples!!!!!! Got just a glimpse of them in this vid but! MORE MORE MORE!!!!!!

  5. nikkiadmirer says

    Puts me beyond over the edge when you refer to yourself as Mommy in this <3____<3 lovely as always Nikki !

  6. You are beautiful ans super sexy!! Love you…

  7. I like your cat, whats its name?

  8. The rain noises in the background are a nice touch

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