More Nikki!

New, almost 20 minute long video of me! I show off and dance in my long white dress before undressing and showing off my hairy armpits and bush close up. I then sit and spread my legs for you so you can see right inside my beautiful pink pussy before masturbating.

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  1. iluvhair says:

    so f-ing hot

  2. Amazing. So beautiful

  3. Even the foliage looks horny. 🙂 Awesome stuff furry one! Thank you!

  4. I wanted to thank you so much Nikki for creating this site, you are heaven on earth on the eyes! You make me ache for you, and your nipples and your under arms are heaven, I think you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen! I love looking at you so much Nikki, you take me penis to heaven on earth! You literally make me ache for you! My penis is hard as granite, thank you for heaven! Your dark hair is heaven, your pink lips are paradise on earth! I love you tugging on your under arm hair and lifting your breasts! I love your hairy pussy Nikki, I can hear my heart beating in my ears! The hair on your nipples is paradise! I can’t believe my eyes when you close up to your pussy! You take me to heaven! Your hairy pussy is a magnificent-a dream cum true! Your butt is paradise beautiful! I ache for the beauty of your pussy, I want to worship your perfect hairy pussy, lick it, smell it, love it! I love the close ups of your pussy-omg! You make me ache, oh God, Nikki I love seeing your fingers get busy, I can hear the pounding of my heart in my ears! Nikki, you make me ache to smell your pussy lick it and taste it, my heart is beating, I can hear it in my ears as my heart throbs, making my penis ache and pound for your pussy! I want your pussy so much, the close ups are heaven on God’s earth Nikki! At this point I’m teasing myself, trying not to cum, loving and watching you, but not wanting to cum yet, I love seeing you rub your dream hairy pussy! At this, point now, my penis is throwing pre-cum all over the place, I can literally feel it on my face and my arm! I’ve never seen a woman as beautiful as you Nikki or a pussy and beautiful and pink!!!

  5. vondeckbar72 says:

    Top notch Boss Lady! My eternal compliments.

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