4K! More Orgy’s Less Weddings

Lesbian couple Dahlia and Freya have been invited to yet ANOTHER gay wedding. These two lovely ladys have gotten into their fancy lingerie but they just can't bring themselves to cover up their beautiful bodies with stuffy dress's. Why so many weddings? Why not more orgys? They decide to do what they want and spend their day pleasuring each other instead!

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  1. Very good lesbian scene, It is nice to see women looking like adults down there. Having pubic hair is how adults are suppose to look (male or female actually), it is the natural evolution from child to teenager (puberty) to adult. Anyways..Apart from the Fox & Brooke scene the lesbian category has the same rotation of women Pearl, Nikki and Freya, them 3 hoggiing the lesbian category spotlight gets old after a while. Don’t get me wrong I love Pearl Sage, however you gotta be fair to other hairy women that have been on this site too. How about in the next seasoned lesbian scene it features 2 hairy women that haven’t been in a lesbian scene before, personally I’ve always wanted Ana Molly/Apricot Pitts/Bella Mae in lesbian scene with somebody on here (those 3 are hot hairy women).

    • Nikki Silver says:

      I would love that but you have to understand that I shoot who is available. The models you mentioned live spread out all over the country and aren’t always available for shooting. Believe me, I do my very best to mix things up but it’s a true challenge.

  2. shackwise12 says:

    So here we have a marathon 50+ mins of the glorious Freya and equally gorgeous Dahlia! After checking their stocking seams are straight, they decide against attending a wedding and instead proceed to a session of passionate kissing, boob caressing, and we see a lovely close-up shot of armpit hair! Freya removes Dahlia’s specs and with some attendant moaning and giggling we are treated to some nipple licking and caressing of armpit hair! We notice some nice facial hair on Dahlia, and then off come the panties, Dahlia’s nails digging into Freya’s luscious bottom! On to the bed, Freya on Dahlia, boob kissing, pits licking and a view of hairy legs under nylon! With much moaning, gasping and groaning,Freya works away at Dahlia’s pussy with a hungry tongue! Lovely slurping sounds and Dahlia has a wonderful orgasm! Now Dahlia returns the favor on Freya, with lots of sensual utterances and explicit words, we have Freya’s first orgasm! Now led back on the bed, with great close-ups of hairy legs under nylon again, Dahlia uses her deft fingers to bring Freya to another shuddering climax! With fingers nicely sucked, the end scene has some tender kissing to finish! Great vid, Nikki’s usual expertise in plentiful evidence and great performances from the super models!!

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