Music Girl

Chloe loves music. As you can see in her other video 'Tape Love' she gets really turned on by old school methods of listening to music. That's why we started this video with her looking through her record collection, to get her nice and juicey...

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  1. Fantastic!

  2. Geenius_ says

    for the simple fact that i’m a dj/vinyl collector and a producer from that era -Poussez and Shirley Murdoch vinyl holds a special place in my heart– i’m an Instant Fan of this vid– well done Nikki –Chloe is a Smash!!

  3. naturalover says

    I just signed up a few days ago and was delighted to see this girl. Yes I have seen her as “Barb” on, for example, ATK Hairy, back when it was new and exciting! She was one of my favorites there … and even did an outstanding B/G HC video (though they removed it from the site) that knocked my socks off … well maybe I wasn’t actually wearing any at the time, but you get the picture. 8)-E…

    Too bad its been 5 years now.

  4. It’s a shame that there isn’t anything new from her… I got into this topic because I was looking for 3d textures, and she amazed me… over time I’ve become a fan of hers…

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