Mustache Cutie

Serai is relaxing on a lovely sunny day. She gets hot and starts taking her clothes off showing off her beautiful armpit hair and playing with her hairy mustache. She plays with her hairy bush through her see through and panties and rubs her clit to orgasm.

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  1. Love this girl!

  2. Naughty Natural is also Curvy Natural. Me like. Thank you Serai and Nikki.

  3. Rick is right-on. Natural curviness with hair is EROTIC. There is nothing worse than laying on a bag-of-bones. (except, of course NOT)

  4. shackwise11 says:

    a nice xmas pressie! thank you Nikki!

  5. canklelover says:

    Awesome video. Love all the attention paid to Miss Serai’s sexy mustache!

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