The very sexy Muxer Diosa shows off all her moves in this video, while showing off her gorgeous body full of thick, dark hair, ending with masturbating.

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  1. shackwise12 says:

    Here’s the lovely Muxor Diosa,wearing a tight-fitting white dress, Muxor begins by demeaning us, in that we would be unable to satisfy her properly, and gives us instructions to stroke our dicks, we are treated to hairy armpits, with a nice display of tattoos on show! Smell those gorgeous pits, so good, off with the dress to reveal colorful bra and panties, with some taunting the bra and panties get discarded, beautiful full breasts, don’t cum yet!, rubs bush, bends over to show bottom, a handstand against the wall, legs spread apart!, keep stroking!! Now we see Muxor sat in an armchair, with super hairy calves in prominence, lick from my calf to my pussy! great close-ups, put your mouth and tongue on my clit!, No your no good, will have to do this myself, she says! some masturbation precedes the trusty vibro, and with moans,groans and gasps, Muxor applies the vibro to her lovely clit! Sighing and rubbing her pussy Muxor tells us to shoot our load all over her hungry bush!! Lovely model, excellent camera work by Nikki, as ever, another super package!!🥰

  2. Awesome! The taunting is super arouser

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