My Hairy Personal Trainer

I found a new personal trainer and she just so happens to be a gorgeous, fit, hairy lesbian! I had so much fun shooting this and Rion and I's chemistry is fire! Enjoy this long hair, hairy, lesbian, pussy, armpit and asshole licking feature with LOTS of kissing!

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  1. Excellent girl on girl action, Nikki I am going to be honest with you… Your hairy pussy is outclassed by other girls’s hairy pussy on this website in my opinion, Simone and Pearl and Vestacia etc have that nice thick fluffy pubic hair that l really really like. I am glad you have pubic hair though Nikki, just comparing your pubic hair to others thats all. Now your “Casting Couch” series you have going on here, what if you let Pearl Sage or Simone or Vestacia or Jane Vervain be the “Casting Couch” person instead of you. I think either of those would be fantastic in that role, keep everything the same but replace Nikki for Pearl or Simone or Jane for example.

    • Nikki Silver says

      Oh, I’m well aware my bush is less thick than many of the models here. I run NN as much because I LOVE hairy women, as I am one. I’ll take your suggestion into account!

    • CunningLinguist says

      Other models having a denser bush than our lovely hostess might be obvious indeed. However, she has a special hairy treat most models don’t possess. Her pubes run over into the hair on her thighs, without having bare space in between, which is a very sexy sight to behold.

  2. Oh Yes Nikki! Keep licking and eating those luscious hairy assholes! Any chance in getting the camera closer for that type of action? Like inches away?

  3. Can’t leave this video without watching till the end. Best lesbian scene, beautiful cunnilingus, passionate kissing!

  4. nikkiadmirer says

    I feel like people can forget that you are a person, let alone a very lovely one Nikki! When offering their suggestions. Thanks as always for blessing us with your amazing content <3

  5. Soulbear42 says

    That look of sheer bliss in Rion’s eyes when she was eating out Nikki in that pov shot is exactly what I would imagine going down on her would feel like in my soul!

  6. One of my fav movie, teh POV scene at 40:00 is just perfect, top eye contact, wow…just a little sad that Rion doesn’t look into the camera at 25:35, so nice face, so nice eyes, so nice hairy pussy….

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