This video, well film really, is very different than most of my scenes. I hope you enjoy this experimental snippet into my love life. I think it's gorgeous and highly sexual, and I had a blast making it. Enjoy! Cinematography by Isabel Dressler.

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  1. Truly excellent! You can feel the undertow as lips and hips soar to the inevitable.
    Places Nikki in the role of watcher as well as being watched and she enjoys both ends of that equation.
    Good cinematography and videography are always appreciated. Congrats to Isabel for her fine camera work!

  2. Devin Elgert says

    The quality of this is clip simply unmatched – truly unlike any other porn film I’ve seen. The beauty, enhanced by the intense white background and perfected by the extreme closeups give it a sense of dasein – ‘being there’ like no other.

  3. This is a beautiful piece of video. Ms. Dressler has a delightful aesthetic and knows how to bring out the best in her subjects. Nikki is particularly appealing here, being at once aggressive and submissive.

    More than anything, the setting is what makes this video compelling. Everything blends into a soft and undefined white, which not only makes the two lovers the sole focus, but it also creates a dreamy, surreal vibe. It evokes the feeling of really good lovemaking, where the walls of the room vanish and nothing exists but the power of one’s shared passion.

    More like this, please!

  4. An extra-ordinary scene filmed in an extra-ordinary style!

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