Nikki and Ava in Cum and Glitter

Cum and Glitter is a really awesome live sex show I've been a part of. Here is me and Ava's preformance from the very first show. I do all sorts of bad things to her and then make her squirt all over the stage, the audience and myself!

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  1. Is it me or it’ real dark. Can’t really see.

    • Yes, it is real dark. This was actually a live sex preformance in a basement venue in SF, it wasn’t intended to be a video, we just shot it and I threw it up. Maybe I can convince Ava to re-do it with lights on someday!

  2. Wow! That was was fantastic…I’ve always been a fan of the natural look but you ladies are opening my eyes up to a whole new world, that was a great vid, love the genuineness of it all, keep up the great work xxx

  3. Fantastic performance! It proves Nikki’s potential, skill and talent! Do more like this!

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