Nikki and Simone!

Simone and I got wet and wild in this sexy, hairy, lesbian video! You don't want to miss us spraying each other with a hose, making out and licking each others' hairy armpits and pussys, eating ass, riding each others faces and some hardcore finger fucking from behind!

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  1. Amazing. one of the best videos ever 😍😍

  2. Love the armpit loving close ups! Amazing

  3. Nikki is elevating hairy porn into a higher form of natural erotica. I like the fact that files have recently been getting bigger; it shows technological progress being emphasised in conjunction with increasingly better material, which in itself is quite astonishing. Since finding NN by accident a few years ago, I never imagined anyone being able to better this site´s contents. Now we know the only one who is able to do just that – Nikki herself. I don´t even consider the idea of adding to my hairy porn collection by subscribing to other sites, because it´s all here, and getting better all the time.

  4. I think this video is hairy lesbian heaven, that close up look down hairy facesitting shot was beautiful. I love facesitting close up shots like that as it showcases just how thick a hairy girls bush is. Simone’s bush is actually thicker than Nikki’s, I pretty surprised by that lol. Nikki keep doing Lesbian videos with face buried shots ok, its hairy paradise island when you do it.

  5. Oh my God, I love you in that outfit Nikki, those hot shorts, your arms are GORGEOUS! This movie is paradise, heeeeaven on God’s green earth!!! I love when she -pulls your panties down, I would give anything to smell your big, gorgeous hairy pussy!!! I would give anything to lick your underarms!!! I LOVE Simone licking your pussy!!! oh my God, I LOVE seeing how wet your pussy is when she fingers you from behind, you have the most gorgeous pussy on earth, your asshole is HEAVEN GORGEOUS!!! I can’t believe how sopping wet your heaven pussy is!!! I love her four fingers in you; you are SO gorgeous Nikki, my penis is in throbbing aching heaven for you!!! I LOVE you licking & sucking Simone’s big, gorgeous pussy lips and licking her asshole-OMG!!! I cannot say enough Nikki, that this is by far THE greatest website I have EVER joined, it is PARADISE!!!

  6. I have noticed something… The last four lesbian scenes are a rotation of the same models, it would nice to have a variety of hairy models (like a fire bush again) doing girl/girl scenes.

    • Nikki Silver says:

      The last 4 scenes include, Kisa, Harley or myself because you all have literally BEGGED me for more scenes of these models in particular. If you want to see a model who is not myself, Kisa or Harley, let me know which model! and with who!

      • Ok fair enough, well you gave everyone what they want with these models now so its time to mix it up lol. I would say keep Kisa though, she is a money maker with her very thick bush. Her scene with Harley was very enjoyable with the face buried POV shot, I would love to see Kisa sit on a girls with a close up pov shot (like in this vid). I wonder how that would look? I think Vestacia JonQuin should do a girl/girl scene, she has a exotic look about her which like.

        • Nikki Silver says:

          Aside from Vestaca, which models do you most want to see in girl/girl scenes and with who?

          • I would love Vestacia to do a girl/girl, shes my favourite out of your models but aside from her… lol. I looked at your model list and saw a girl named Rocco Royalle, she seems cool so give her a chance to shine. Do a scene between her and Roxanne Summers, Redhead vs Redhead will be a unique combo for a girl/girl scene. Is this possible? Its hard to tell whos active or not active on this site, you can have Rocco burie her face in Roxannes Volcanic Fire Bush lol with a POV shot. mmm hmm, hot but sweet 🙂.

          • Whoops! I mean’t Rococo Royalle, her name is hard to remember at first but it is a cool name.

          • I have saw an older video Sylvie with Felix.
            The kissing scenes was fantastic. Sylvies tongue is amazing.
            If there is possible a gg with Nikki and Sylvie.


          • Nikki Silver says:

            Possibly, let me see if I can find her. In general I’m getting that you guys want lots of sloppy, tongues out making out so will be sure to do that for future G/G scenes.

          • I agree but i can only speek for me.
            I love the tenderness lesbian scenes with deep kissing, tongue playing, touching and slowly pussy licking up to an oral orgasm.
            Nobody can show more tenderness as lesbian girls.


  7. gatoblanco says:

    I am very impressed with all of this. Not to diss the other hairy girl websites, but NN just seems so much more vivid and crystal clear. There is nothing worse than when you see a series of photos or a video of a lovely hairy girl, and the photographer is a fucking idiot that has as much talent as a dead possum on the side of the road. That doesn’t happen at NN! Great job Nikki…keep it up!

    • Nikki Silver says:

      Thank you very much! I take a lot of time to make sure each photoset and video is framed well, lit well, edited well. And I think my skills are improving all the time because I actually really enjoy the creative aspect!

  8. Kingrichard says:

    Just incredibly fantastic. A candidate for all time favorite!!

  9. vondeckbar72 says:

    Nikki, your site puts all the other hairy sites to utter shame. This tandem of Silver and Delilah is the ultimate fantasy in my book. My heaven on Earth!

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