Nikki’s Assistant

I hired you to help with some photo editing, so I could have more time to relax. However, you keep getting distracted by the hairy beauty I'm having you edit and aren't getting through the job fast enough. I scold you and tell you to massage my feet after my long work meeting. You're terrible at being an assistant but pretty good at being my hairy pussy devotee ;)

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  1. Nikki,
    Great video. Love your elegant business woman look. And OBTW: includes some of my favorite poses. Thank you for the bra-no-panties, standing full frontal nudity and the APNH. (you get it, right?) .
    If you do decide to fire that assistant…. well, let’s just say that your inbox will be full of aspiring assistants.
    Keep on rockin’!

    • Nikki Silver says:

      what is APNH?

      • oscarman says:

        Hi Nikki,
        Sorry for not responding quicker, but I just saw your question..
        APNH is my abbreviation for All Pussy No Hands. It’s when the model gives us full-body views without covering any of the ‘good parts’ with their hands, toys, etc…. I had asked for more APNH a while ago and have since gone back through some older videos. To my delight, I’m finding more and more, with you being a major contributor. I just love it and look forward to more of the same.

        Thanks you again for working hard to please *ALL* of your members’ wishes. It can’t be easy to try to please everyone, but I find you have a nice mix that most members appreciate.

  2. shackwise11 says:

    that was just brilliant Nikki, your clothes superb, heels fabulous and hairy legs under nylons awesome! do hope you can do a nice photo-set with plenty of close-ups, esp your wonderful nylon-clad legs!

  3. Oh my gosh Nikki YOU LOOK AMAZING! Wow! Your long hair and eyes alone make me so hard! Excellent video quality too I may add!

  4. toddhampton says:


  5. BritGuySteve says:

    Now that was an amazing video! Loved the tease and denial. You truly deliver to your fans and produce great content.

  6. This video is undoubtedly my favorite, and the one that got me addicted to hairy girls. I came bizzillions times to this one and will come many times more. I am looking forward to this Tuesday. Just thinking about it making me almost “orgasmic” hard. Nikki you are the hairy goddess!

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