Nikki’s in Control

I catch Kisa and Harley doing something very naughty when they are supposed to be getting ready to shoot! I scold the girls, spank them, and tease them for playing with each other's hairy pussy's once we've all gone to bed. They deny it but I know they can't keep their hands of each other. I make them kiss and we take turns worshipping each other's body hair before I get them both on their knee's to eat their hairy ass's, then flip them over to devour their hairy pussy's and penetrate them both at once with my hands. Finally we each lay back to get our pussy's licked to completion. By the end, they've forgiven me for 'punishing' them.

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  1. OMG, one of the best videos I’ve seen here. excellent production. I loved it

  2. Hi Nikki,
    more hairy girls are not possible. Amazing movie. Excellent video quality. There is nothing better than tender lesbian girls. I can understand that many girls or woman are lesbian or bi.


  3. pipelayer5571 says:

    Best part was Nikki licking those yummy hairy assholes! That was super hot. I would like to see Nikki with another girl say Katie Z or Vivi and it be totally dedicated to hairy ass licking back and forth. You can’t find that these days!

  4. The absolute high point for me of lesbian bliss on NN so far. Nikki is upping the game with every new upload, and this is no exception. The kissing, the rimming and the slow pace of the video excels where other, more mainstream, producers of porn fail abysmally. The absence of fast paced editing shows how important it is to let a scene develop naturally. Some of the videos on NN have been getting longer recently, which just makes them even better. The models are allowed to take their time and the build-up develops naturally. To me that´s why NN is the absolute apex of hairy porn. I have seen plenty of other sites in order to make comparisons with NN; they not just pale when put together with Nikki´s material, they crumble.

  5. This was perfection! Absolutely great! All my faves in one video!

  6. What i would give to be Nikki in this video. Absolutely beautiful ladies.

  7. I will love to suck these hairy women’s hair day and night. They are absolutely fabulous.

  8. hairyguildo says:

    OMG, the best ever 3 very hairy and lesbians scene :-))) love those super bushes cunts and arse beeing licked, fingered until they have great orgasm…i had too!! Nikki is so an unique exellent talented Lady

  9. Thats paradise !

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