Nikki’s New Dress

This is the first video Bianca shot of me. A training video, if you will. I got a new dress in my favorite color and painted my nails to match. Aren't they cute?! I take my time teasing you while I strip out of my flirty new dress. My big boobs and puffy nipples look so enticing with the bright colors framing them. I loved the way the soft fabric felt against my pleading skin. As I strip down into my sexy fuzzy birthday suit, I get distracted by how thick and wide my bush has grown. Isn't it so hot the way it trickles out onto my inner thighs? Bianca does a fabulous job! And I have to admit, it was hot spreading my pussy and getting wet in front of her. I hope you enjoy watching xo

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  1. jum29new says:


  2. A wonderful Orgasm by the wonderful Nikki S. She is one serious sensual being!

  3. Like your beautiful love hole, piss hole and ass hole. Nikki you are so sexy when you spread while sitting!

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