Hairy Bounty

A bountiful harvest his year of ass hair... I mean poppies! I certainly wasn't staring at Olive Wrens deliciously furry ass, no not at all. I don't dream about it all day, remember caressing it while weeding my poppies... nothing like that... ;)

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  1. frederic thibault says

    olive is so simply incredible her hair is so furry thanks nikki

  2. takenakagawa1 says

    Olive’s hairy assets is so amazing as always. Receiving the bright sunlight in the beautiful poppy garden, the way her carpeted fury hair looks so beautiful. Also her bright smile on her cute face is another sassets of her, so nice!

  3. BOND5000 says

    I knew Olive was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen when I saw her online, I lost it when I saw her here & waited for her sets & movies before I joined. I am in love with her thick, gorgeous eyebrows; when we were kids my friends & I knew that girls with thick gorgeous eyebrows had thick, gorgeous bushes & that it was the same color. Ironically, women’s under arm hair looks like their pussy hair, so in the 30’s when razors were abundant, women started shaving so men couldn’t constantly stare at their under arm hair, to see what their bushes looked like. Then, women said, well they can’t see our leg hair either, they don’t get the milk for free without buying the cow (marry them to see it). Then, boys grew up that thought it was gross that woman had under arm hair or leg hair, it really back fired on women. Then when people became more “civilized” it back fired on women again when men never saw grown women’s pussies; now men grow up never seeing a woman’s grown pussy with hair & labia and since their only experience is seeing young girls, they think that a grown women should have no hair & no labia (they want the labia cut off to look prepubescent). I am the happiest man on earth that Olive is here, every inch of her is HEAVEN, she is a Goddess, what a woman should look like; years ago if I had a class with her I would stare at her hairy legs & wait for each moment she lifted her arms to see her gorgeous underarm hair to see what her bush looked like!!! This is heaven like I cannot believe, this video is like Olive & I going to a field in the country or a barn years & years ago & her letting me see her hairy asshole & pussy as my heart & my penis POUND!!! Olive is such a beautiful, beautiful girl, her clit is so big & so thick!!!

  4. So jealous of that huge clit.

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