Paint Party

Luca really wanted to paint with me. She said she had gone on this date with a beautiful woman where they painted together and played in the paints, expressing their creativity and desire for each other. Of course I end up wrestling with this feisty and fierce woman and we lick and finger each other's hairy armpits and pussys in all kinds of positions, finally cumming in 69, covered in paint and pussy juice!

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  1. What do you all think of this video? I got lots of comments on the photoset but not the video? You’d been asking for more girl/girl video, so I want some feedback, good and bad please! thanks!

  2. If this site had a rating system I would definitely give it the maximum amount. The quality of the video is superb and the hair play is HOT and playful. I have a fetish for armpit licking and to see Luca’s mouth and tongue covered in blue paint after the armpit treatment is both awesome and funny to watch. Great chemistry between Silver and Luca. All that delicious body hair and all that oral sex drives me nuts to keep from cumming too soon.

  3. Also a BIG compliment for the willingness to experiement! From bondage to wrestling; from armpit licking to paint games. On this site there is a lot of joy; playing; experimentation and eagerness to make hot and sexy videos mixed with the love and dedication for body hair.

  4. Absolutely loved this video – especially the wrestling parts where you were both really struggling and trying to overpower the other (even though you were both laughing there was a sense of real competitiveness to win). The wrestling for control makes the girl/girl sex even hotter! Would love to see more either real wrestling and/or even a scripted cat fight (“hair” pulling makes sense on your site) that turns into aggressive love making. You wrestling hairy leg to hairy leg with another sexy girl like Haley Hex would be super hot!! Not paint next time though – what about trying oil/wrestling that would really highlight all of your sexy body hair?? But still, this video with Luca was really superb and one of my favorite videos to date. Great work!!!

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