Imagine we are on vacation together in Mexico. You're out relaxing by the pool and I come outside in my white, sheer, thong bikini. I relax and take off my top and then get in the water to play around. As soon as I step in my white bikini goes sheer from being wet and you can see my full nipples and dark pussy hair right through it... 11/7/2016 - NOTE - Somehow the streaming version got overwritten by the wrong video and I can't fix it. So for the meantime please download this video to watch the right one. So sorry!

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  1. dufreakjo says

    Nice tight butt. Great vid!

  2. Robert Nagiel says

    EVERYBODY pees in the pool! But not everybody has little ringlets on her inner thighs, that make me want to kiss up and them, like eating corn on the cob!

  3. hadynmatthews says

    Hey Nikki – this page has the “Behind the Scenes” video for Poolside, not the main Poolside video.

    It’s the exact same video on this page:

    Would love to see the main one!

    • Nikki Silver says

      I am working on fixing this, for some reason the site won’t let me edit it. However the download version is the main one so please download it to watch it for the moment. Thanks!

  4. runningonfaith says

    Good grief, this woman is extrodinarily sexy.

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