Pregnant Glow

Azaela is so pregnant! This bountiful, all natural lady loves getting on all fours with her bountiful belly and breasts hanging to touch her hairy pussy.

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  1. Lovey, would love to see Asela in a lesbian scene with you Nikki.

  2. LOVE6000 says

    Oh my Lord almighty, I LOVE seeing Azaela in that white dress, she is SO gorgeous, such a perfect fertile woman! She is a dream CUM true, she makes my penis SO thick for her!!! I love her butt cheeks, her perfect fertile tummy, her long thick nipples & her perfect breasts! I LOVE those long nipples ticking straight out, they make my penis SO hard! Omg, I love her gorgeous white panties & when she finally shows her dream hairy pussy & thick, gorgeous pussy lips! I LOVE her standing completely naked & seeing her beautiful bush, my penis is in heaven!!! Her butt is so big, I love her dream perfect hips & when she bends over to show her gorgeous hairy pussy!!! Oh my God almighty, the shot of her on the white blanket with her legs open & the sun shining through her GORGEOUS pussy then her rubbing her thick pussy lips is absolute heeeaven on God’s earth!!! Her toes are so beautiful, I wish I could smell them & suck on them every day!!! She makes my penis so hard for her perfect pussy, her perfect legs & her perfect everything! I LOVE the close up of her hairy pussy & asshole near the end, I want to taste her more than I want anything on earth!!! Her hairy pussy rubbing makes me want to shoot cum across the room, I have to barely touch it under the head! She makes me ache for her!!!

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